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At least 500 people apply our positions, but unfortunately 95% of the applicants were not related to the logistics or international transportation. After browsing Smarthronline database, almost all candidates matches with our expectations and company culture.

Efe Baskak
Manager @Logisturk Int’l Shipping & Trade

We’ve hired Seafreight Manager teammate to our company 1 day after opening a position in Smarthronline. Moreover, his profile was not available on other recruitment platforms.

Gökçen Atalayer
Managing Director @Dachser Turkey ASL

Smarthronline is a great tool that allows you to effectively search and contact candidates based on a wide range of customized filters. It provides one of the largest databases of logistics professionals in the Turkish market. In addition, the Smarthronline business team regularly collects suggestions from clients and continually improves its services.

Lisa Booker
Overseas Director

The new subscription model appealed to me right from the start. Because we were actively looking for people I decided to try Smarthronline and an unnamed competitor. We have been for a long time at logistics jobs with zero success. Surprisingly, Smarthronline worked perfectly in all respects. I approached people and within 14 days I had open communications with candidates and I could even choose what I wasn't even hoping for.

Zaina Eaton
Human Resources Manager

Smarthronline is a very important resource of logistics talent for us - especially salers and operations stuffs. According to us, it is an innovative solution thanks to which we can easily and effectively communicate with experienced logistics professionals that would otherwise be hidden from recruiters.

Onur Şanlı
Ocean Freight Product Manager @Geodis

Finding people with a passion for logistics and international transport, with an impressive profile and lots of experience-that is our challenge. Having our own network of colleagues is the solution to this, but this warm network has its limits. Smarthronline is a valuable expansion of our network, which gives us the capability to discover good people looking for a new challenge.

Mert Altınsaray
Regional Project Cargo & Sales Manager @Martrade Group

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