Frequently asked questions

Your resume will only be used by the Smarthronline Talent Team to improve your profile. Companies are not able to see and download your resume.

Since your profile is anonymous, no one can see where you currently work unless you want to.

Companies are using the Smarthronline platform independently and can call any logistics professional they need. We recommend you to keep your profile up to date and add new skills/specifications that you've learned in order to increase your chances of receiving offers from companies.

Frequently asked questions

After completing your registration; you can post unlimited positions and message up to 5 candidates FOR FREE!

Our 3-months plan is suitable for smaller and new companies; the annual plan is the right choice for companies that are constantly looking for new team members.

No, we offer annual or a 3-months long subscription plan, which is billed in full at the beginning of your subscription.

No, there is no other fee. As a subscriber, you get full access to our database, unlimited open positions and as many seats for company users as you need.

Yes, you can. Make payment for the subscription plan you want to purchase, then your subscription will be started and your invoice will be mailed.